Science Hydration Cells
Science Hydration Cells


Let’s take it from the top… before modern day, freshwater travelled into the clouds and then fell to Earth as rain. Picking up minerals as it travelled through rocks and soil. For many thousands of years, the water was naturally pure but today with chemicals, air, and soil pollution sadly our water is threatened. Now water from the tap can contain impurities like chlorine, lead, arsenic, PFAS and even bottled water can contain contaminants.



Electrolytes, such as magnesium and potassium, are crucial for muscle function and nerve transmission. This helps to maintain proper cellular function and overall hydration. Electrolytes also support energy production and prevent dehydration.



Our water supply is threatened by chemicals, air and soil pollution. Common water filters cannot generate highly pure water. Tap and bottled water may contain impurities such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, and PFAS.



Sodium and sugar are often used in hydration beverages to transport electrolytes. However, this may result in high osmolality (300+), which can slow the transfer of water and electrolytes.

Natural Glow Hydration - Where It Started

Our Natural Glow journey began by accident when our founder embarked on a humanitarian journey to purify water and provide it for free to the millions dependent on drinking water from rivers. Fortunately, he and his team stumbled across a revolutionary discovery, the water that was being purified and distributed was so pure it was nearly pharmaceutical grade, 99.999% pure to be precise!

This got them thinking that the whole world needed to benefit from this discovery, so they set about reproducing, duplicating and purifying until they could produce it on an enormous scale. But they wanted to go even further and produce a product that could revolutionise hydration.

Nourish your glow

Nourish Your Glow with High-Grade Water

Good hydration is not determined by the quantity of the water you drink. In fact, many people think they consume enough, but the quality is poor and the osmolality low (osmolality determines how effectively your skin, hair, nails and cells are hydrated from the water). What’s most important is how much of the fluid and essential minerals you retain.

Osmolality sounds more complicated than it is. Put simply, distilled and deionised water has a very low osmolality (0-10), when it passes through your cells it dilutes your natural electrolytes. Your body senses this dilutation and flushes the water faster, resulting in more bathroom trips.

What our body craves for sufficient hydration is osmolality at above 200 but less than 245 (backed by the World Health Organisation). This can be helped when you add the perfect blend of electrolytes.

Nourish your glow

Hello Natural Glow

Once we had our 99.999+% pure water we added our balanced electrolytes. Minerals: potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, and Glycine producing Collagen provide the perfect osmolality to feed our cells and give maximum hydration. We fill up our beautiful Natural Glow Hydration cans for you to enjoy, and for your Skin, Hair and Nails to celebrate.